Toxic Mould Support Australia - Science Primer

TMSA provides links to the full texts, with annotations, for two Australian Government reports, one WHO report, and eight peer-reviewed scientific publications that we think are the key papers that show inhaled mould and other toxins from damp buildings cause chronic complex illness and innate immune system activation. [Read article]

A summary of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), also known as Mould Illness, that outlines the evidence for mould and other contaminants from water-damaged buildings causing negative health consequences, including chronic innate immune system stimulation; how CIRS is diagnosed; the treatment protocol; an introduction to building testing and remediation; and why it is deemed controversial by mainstream medicine. [Read article]

“The Good News is Your Illness isn’t Real” — TMSA moderator Sean Di Lizio’s heartfelt account of his journey with CIRS, mould, and water-damaged buildings—from Ciguatera poisoning as a child, to getting exposed during clean-ups after the 2011 Brisbane floods, and his 20192020 mould nightmare and current recovery. [Read article]


Toxic Mould Support Australian - Mold Illness Aware Health Professionals

CIRS/Mould illness-aware health practitioners in Australia and New Zealand by state [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Inspection and Remediation

Mould inspection by Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEPs), and do-it-yourself testing, in Australia by state [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Mould Remediators

Mould remediation and associated companies in Australia by state plus information about remediation standards  [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Therapists

CIRS/chronic illness-aware psychologists, counsellors and therapists in Australia [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Medications

Pharmacies who compound the medications for CIRS/Mould illness in Australia [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Science of Mold Illness

Scientific literature, peer-reviewed or otherwise, on CIRS/mould illness, mycotoxins, water-damaged buildings and associated biomarkers [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CIRS/Mould Illness and Toxic Mould Support Australia.

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