Australia’s NHMRC Funds Study into Biotoxin-related Illnesses

In response to the 2018 Federal Inquiry into Biotoxin-related illnesses, Australia’s Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport recommended that the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) conduct research into biotoxin-related illnesses, more colloquially known as ‘Mould Illness’. [Read article]

Medical Resources

Toxic Mould Support Australian - Mold Illness Aware Health Professionals

CIRS/Mould illness-aware health practitioners in Australia and New Zealand by state [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Diagnosis

Medical testing: available in Australia, either covered by Medicare or private, for CIRS/mould illness [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Therapists

CIRS/chronic illness-aware psychologists, counsellors and therapists in Australia [Read].

Environmental / Housing Resources

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Inspection and Remediation

Mould inspection by Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEPs), and do-it-yourself testing, in Australia by state [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Legal rights home purchasing and renting

Legal rights of renters: state by state guide to legislation [Read].

General Information

CIRS Explained: The basics of diagnosing and treating Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and dealing with water-damaged buildings [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CIRS/Mould Illness and Toxic Mould Support Australia.

A Science Primer: three government reports and ten peer-reviewed papers examined [Read].

Toxic Mould Support Australia - Contact

Contact Toxic Mould Support Australia.