Dr. Samantha Clarke, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Noosa, Sunshine Coast
P: 0408 814 715
W: mindbodyresilience.com

Dr. Anita Cochrane, PhD
Clinical Psychologist/Dietitian – CBT, ACT, DBT, EMDR, SFT, EFT, Hypnotherapy, ReCODE Protocol
Norman Park, Brisbane
P: 07 3843 1750
W: lifepsyche.com.au

Rosemary Colston
Clinical Psychologist
Coes Creek, Sunshine Coast
P: 0466 977 682
W: linkedin.com

Chad McCormick
Clinical Psychologist – CBT, Pacing
Cleveland & Capalaba, Brisbane
P: 0423 169 962
W: activatepsychology.com.au

Mary McIntyre
Somatic Psychotherapist, Counsellor
Bardon, Brisbane
P: 0458 271 231
W: goodtherapy.com.au

Dr. Karen Baikie, PhD
Clinical Psychologist – Mindfulness, Somatic therapy, Certified Hakomi Therapist
Crows Nest, Sydney
P: 02 9436 0919

W: karenbaikie.com.au

Note: Currently on maternity leave.

Sally Boore
Psychotherapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist
L1/134 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest NSW 2065
P: 0419 987 208
W: consciouslywell.com.au

Lisa-Maree Botticelli
Mindset coaching, Art therapy
P: 0424 317 469
W: purecreativitycoaching.com

Simon DuBois
Psychologist – EMDR, tDCS, CBT, Schema therapy, mindfulness
Dierdre Middlehurst
Psychologist – EMDR, Somatic Mindfulness
Dr. Cara Wong
Neuropsychologist – TALI Train, Child focus

The Health Lodge
Byron Bay
P: 02 6685 6445
W: thehealthlodge.com.au

Dr. Melissa Keogh
Psychologist – Acceptance and commitment therapy, CBT, mindfulness, interpersonal psychotherapy
Maroubra, Sydney
P: 1300 735 030
W: lifesupportscounselling.com.au/counsellors/melissa-keogh

Ros Nealon-Cook
Psychologist – Health Psychology, ADHD, Autism, epigenetics, trauma, anxiety, attachment issues, mindfulness, biofeedback
PO Box 7137
Leura NSW 2780
P: 02 4742 0078
W: www.integratedkids.com.au

David Watson
Clinical Psychologist
Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Practice
Coogee, Sydney/Remote (phone)
P: 0439 974 702
W: easternsuburbsmhp.com.au

Sally Stower
Trauma Therapist – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SETI), Sensorimotor Art Therapy (ISAT), Massage, NLP
NIIM Melbourne
P: 03 9804 0646
W: niim.com.au

Jacob Mangels
Anglicare SA
Hindmarsh, Adelaide
P: 1300 761 193
W: anglicaresa.com.au

Chronic illness/Mould illness-aware therapists have been self referred, referred by patients, or referred by other health professionals, as having awareness of chronic illness that may include CIRS, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and autoimmune conditions. TMSA cannot personally vouch for their knowledge or skill level in supporting and counselling patients. Contact TMSA if you are a therapist wishing to be listed here with the approaches you  use.