Books on Treatment and Overviews

  • Nathan, N. (2018). Toxic: heal your body from mold toxicity, Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic environmental illness. Victory Belt Publishing. Amazon Aus | US
    Dr Neil Nathan has specialised in those cases deemed “too hard” by other doctors. This book covers mould, Lyme, MCS, and more, and provides a good overview of the many areas in which a patient might be challenged. He still fundamentally draws on Dr Shoemaker’s work, but please bear in mind that some of Nathan’s treatments are quite “fringe”.
  • Crista, J. (2018). Break the Mold: 5 tools to conquer mold and take back your health. Amazon Aus | US
    Crista offers a more holistic and integrative approach along with many DIY treatments. A great first book on understanding and treating Mould Illness that complements the Shoemaker-focused material.
  • Vetter, P., Rossi, L., & Edwards, C. (2018). Mold Illness: Surviving and thriving: A recovery manual for patients and families impacted by CIRS. Bookbaby. Amazon Aus | US
    A concise overview of Dr Shoemaker’s pioneering approach to CIRS including both treatment and home remediation. This makes it the most evidence-based book with the main downside being its higher price. However, much of this content is available for cheaper elsewhere.
  • Bredesen, D. D. (2017). The End of Alzheimer’s: The first programme to prevent and reverse the cognitive decline of dementia. Random House. Amazon Aus | US
    Bredesen led the first team in the world to reverse early- and even mid-stage Alzheimer’s Disease according to peer-reviewed science. He also recognised that a subtype of Alzheimer’s in 10% of his patients was caused by late-stage CIRS. This book provides an overview of the treatment protocol they used, which involves traditional and functional medicine along with diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Bredesen, D. D. (2020). The End of Alzheimer’s Programme: The practical plan to prevent and reverse cognitive decline at any age. Random House. Amazon Aus | US
    A follow-up to Bredesen’s 2017 book that focuses less on the science and more on the protocol for reversing cognitive decline.

Books on Mould Avoidance

  • Petrison, L. (2015). A beginner’s guide to mold avoidance. Free download | Amazon Aus | US
    Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson have been at the heart of a movement by CIRS and ME/CFS patients to heal themselves through avoiding mould and other biotoxin formers. This book is a primer on the techniques of this community.
  • Petrison, L. (2013). Back from the edge. Free download | Amazon Aus | US
    A biography of Erik Johnson’s life as an original prototype for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and his pioneering work in developing techniques of mould avoidance.
  • Johnson, E. (2015). Erik on avoidance. Free download | Amazon Aus | US
    A more detailed collection of Erik Johnson’s writing on mould avoidance. Preferably read the previous two books by Lisa Petrison first.
  • Mattson, S. R. (2016). Camp like a girl: Finding health and wellness in nature; a cargo van conversion story. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. Amazon Aus | US
    Sara Riley Mattson writes with great charm about building a low-mould, live-in cargo van to recover her health in.

Relevant Biographies

  • Rehmeyer, J. (2017). Through the Shadowlands: A science writer’s Odyssey into an illness science doesn’t understand. Rodale Books. Amazon Aus | US
    Julie Rehmeyer, an MIT-trained mathematician and science writer, was struck down with ME/CFS. She writes of her experience as a sceptic being convinced to try mould avoidance with rather surprising results. A highly recommended read.
  • Mattson, S. R. (2020). Maybe I’m From Another Planet: A Memoir. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. Amazon Aus | US
    Sara Riley Mattson writes of her long journey dealing with and recovering from Mould Illness.


  • Black Mold Exposure (2009). dir. Williams, M.R. 101 mins. Colour. IMDb. Website
    One of the first documentaries detailing many of the aspects of Mould Illness.
  • Moldy (2015).  dir. Buckley, K.K. & Troyer, E. 61 mins. Colour. IMDbWebsite [watch for free] Not a film that will convince the sceptics, but it covers the stories of several individuals and families affected by mould and interviews a number of relevant physicians, too. Best of all, it’s free!
  • Unrest (2017). dir. Dryden, L. and Brea, J. 98 mins. Colour.  IMDb. Website
    Jennifer Brea, an ME/CFS sufferer, helped create and direct this award-winning documentary on the illness. Although not a primary focus, she used mould avoidance to help her recover enough to be able to work on the film.