Toxic Mould Support Australia is an informal support group that began life on Facebook thanks to  on October 26, 2013. Caleb Rudd joined in late 2014 and was soon made co-administrator. Our mission is to raise awareness throughout Australia of mould illness a.k.a. chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) and provide support to patients.

Caleb’s Story

I developed ME/CFS while working in London in 2000 after a flu like illness while living in a damp apartment. Getting increasingly sicker I returned to Australia and embarked on a journey which saw me consult dozens of health practitioners, many tests, and hundreds of different therapies both mainstream and alternative. I was finally diagnosed with CIRS in early 2015 and embarked on the Shoemaker protocol shortly after. I first encountered the work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker when a friend lent me Mold Warriors in 2006 but as no testing was available then I was unable to interest any doctor in the protocol. I hope to raise awareness and knowledge in the Australian medical and patient community so that situation isn’t repeated.

Jason’s Story

I got acutely sick in 2011 due to a plumbing leak between my bathroom and bedroom that led to the highly toxic mould, Chaetomium globsum to flourish, a mould that only comes from serious water ingress. I was so sick that I ended up in hospital with toxic bands/changes in my neutrophils. Since then I’ve battled to regain my health due to dodgy HLA genes which means I don’t self-heal and I now react to mould like Superman does to kryptonite so find most abodes intolerable. It has also left me with cognitive and short term memory issues and a very abnormal NeuroQuant brain MRI to back this up along with other scans, plus a plethora of other symptoms which has meant I’ve sadly had to close my business.