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HEPA VacuumsDehumidifiers
While a ducted/central vacuum vented outside is best for those with CIRS, a good quality HEPA model should be the minimum vacuum patients get. Look for vacuums which have a large HEPA surface area that is well sealed, has good suction power, reasonable decibel levels and a power head for carpets. Replaceable bags are preferred over bag-less models. Some recommended models include:

Professional quality: Nilfisk GD930 
Pro-consumer quality: Sauber Intelligence SI-200PacVac
Consumer quality: Miele Classic C1 + SF HA 30 HEPA filter OR Complete C3 Allergy Powerline

See Choice for more vacuum reviews.

See the Choice for recommended consumer dehumidifiers. Things to look for include noise level, power consumption, size and maneuverability. Ionmax rate highly.