Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Test

Surviving Mold

HLA DR/DQ Gene Test

The HLA DR/DQ gene test show haplotypes (gene combinations) which show susceptibility to CIRS-WDB/mould, Lyme and multi-susceptible (susceptibility to mould, chronic Lyme and dinoflagellates/ciguatera/toxic algae). Interpretation can be done by a CIRS aware health professional or the HLA calculator. If you are still unsure please post your results in the Facebook group.

Test must be drawn at Sonic Healthcare or NutriPATH laboratory for proper reporting, see below.

Sonic HealthcareNutriPATHMedicare rebate
Sonic Healthcare are a network of pathology laboratories in every Australian state. See their website or the picture below for locations in your state.

Information: HLA Panel Screen (DR and DQ)

Test name:  Ask the GP to request “HLA DR-DQ typing” (Do NOT write coeliac)

NutriPATH do the HLA DR/DQ test in the correct format as well.

Test name: HLA DQ/DR Genetic Studies
Test number: 3401
Test cost: $180
Sample Report

It can be fully or partly Medicare rebateable depending on your practitioner and laboratory. Medicare item number 71151. No rebate is available via NutriPATH.

Private cost ranges from $119-$180.

Blood Biomarker Tests

VIP, ADH, LeptinOsmolality, Hormones, AntibodiesNutriPATHMedicare
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/Sydney South West Pathology
Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (VIP)
Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) aka Vasopressin

Most pathology labs can collect and send to Royal Prince Alfred/Sydney Southwest Pathology.

Leptin and VIP are fasting tests.

Osmolality should be drawn at the same time as ADH.

Any pathology lab
Osmolality (serum only – not urine)
Cortisol AM
Antigliadin antibodies  IgA/IgG
Cardiolipin antibodies IgA/IgG/IgM
NutriPATH’s blood tests and mould panel (apart from HLA DR/DQ and MARCoNS) cannot be recommended at this time due to inaccuracies compared to Quest Diagnostics. Reference: Mold Illness in Children webinar 35m.

No other Australian diagnostic testing for TGF-b1, VEGF, C3a, C4a, MMP-9, MSH currently available.

Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide can be Medicare rebateable, item 66695.

All of the tests under “Osmolality, Hormones, Antibodies” can be Medicare rebateable.

ADH and Leptin are out of pocket tests.  Costs for these two markers vary depending on which lab draws them.

There is no Medicare rebate for NutriPATH.

NeuroQuant (Volumetric MRI)

NeuroQuant by Cortech Labs is a software program that can map 11 brain regions for microscopic changes on an MRI scan. NeuroQuant should not be used for diagnosis but more for tracking inflammatory and atrophy changes.

More info about NeuroQuant: Biotoxin Journey

Sunshine CoastSydneyMelbournePerthNZMedicareInterpretation
Pacific Radiology
49 Baden Powell Street
Maroochydore QLD 4558
P: 07 5409 2800

Note: Primarily only for the patients of Drs. Sandeep Gupta, Rashmi Cabena and Georgina Hale.

St Vincent’s Hospital
Level 3, Xavier Building
360 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
P: 02 8382 3495

I-Med Network Radiology
Suite 3, Level 1
38B Albert Ave
Chatswood NSW 2067
P: 02 8440 3100

Note: This clinic is not recommended as they use a different type of MRI (Phillips Portal) to others that results in incompatible reports.

Imaging Associates Box Hill
Ekera Medical
Level 1, 116-118 Thames St
Box Hill VIC 3128
P: 03 8843 7999
F: 03 8843 7988

Envision Medical Imaging
178-190 Cambridge St
P: 08 6382 3888
Auckland Radiology Group
101 Remuera Road
New Zealand
P: 09 529 4850
The MRI portion can be covered by Medicare if you fulfill the criteria for “unexplained seizure(s)” or “chronic headaches with suspected intracranial pathology” item number 63551 if referred by a General Practitioner.  Although this ultimately rests with the requesting practitioner.

There will usually be an additional charge for NeuroQuant processing by Cortechs labs ($$200 AUD).

Surviving Mold now have an online NeuroQuant analysis available that you can enter your General Morphology report and be given a mold and/or Lyme score and also looks at multi-nuclear atrophy, traumatic brain injury and asymmetry. Cost is $25 USD.


Multiple Antibiotic Resistant COagulase Negative Staphylococci – are organisms that colonise in the nasal areas due to low MSH, and produce toxins and deplete MSH further.

Microbiology Dx (USA)NutriPATH (Aus)
Microbiology DX
19A Crosby Drive
Bedford MA 01730, USA
P: +1 (781) 265 4956

Ordering: Microbiology DX will FedEx collection kits free worldwide, visit the Order Kits page (add Australia to the “City, State, Zip” field) . You don’t have to use FedEx to send the sample back, simple Australia Post Airmail letter ($2.75) is usually fine. Requisition form (PDF).

Instructions: Nasopharyngeal Culture Collection Procedure


MARCoNS/bacterial culture: $85 USD
Fungal culture: $80 USD
Biofilm analysis: $100 USD

Alternatively you can use Melbourne based lab NutriPATH, who send the swab on to Microbiology Dx.

Test name: MARCoNS culture
Test code: 3404
Cost: $150 AUD

Test name: MARCoNS & Fungal culture
Test code: 3418
Cost: $300 AUD


The author has no financial interest in any of the diagnostic testing companies or methods mentioned above. Being listed here does not guarantee the tests are 100% accurate or appropriate for each particular patient.